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Wales Millenium Centre and Likely Story

Christmas 2019

"Red encourages us to embrace our inner wolves and seek harmony with the natural world. It’s a funny, fast-moving and periodically baffling hour or so of entertainment."

A group of unlikely heroes found themselves in an enchanted misadventure with Grandma Red; a raucous old lady on a spirited mission to bring back forgotten stories.

This magical fairy tale featured weird and wonderful creatures including some not so wise owls, dream beavers, an ancient Grandma Red puppet and some wolves who were for once...cast as the good guys.

A hilarious tale for all the family.

Directed by Hannah McPake
Designed by Kirsty Harris
Live music from composer and sound designer Tom Elstob.
Stage Manager: Josh Bowles
Performers: Connor Allen, Hazel Anderson, Ellen Groves and Tom Elstob
Story devised by the company.

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