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March 2017

The Other Room, Cardiff

Seanmhair : feminine : Scots Gaelic : Grandmother
Pronounciation : ˈʃɛ.nə.vɛrʲ : Shen•a•var

Pebbles would crack against my window in the pitch of the night
I’d lean out and say –

What do you want Tommy MacLeish, you black eyed monster?
And he’d say...


A chance meeting between two children on the streets of Edinburgh leads to a terrible reckoning, leaving Jenny and Tommy forever bound together by blood and fate. Brutal and beautiful, Hywel John's remarkable new play glimmers and cuts like a jewel, fusing raw epic romance with guttural urban poetry to tell the story of a secret generational legacy of love, violence and fury.

A new play by Hywel John

Directed by Kate Wasseburg
Assistant Director: Seren Vickers
Movement: Laura Jeffs
Lighting Design: Katy Morrison
Sound Design: Dyfan Jones
CAST: Sian Howard, Hannah McPake, Molly Vevers
Photography: Kirsten McTernan

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